From Inspiration to Creation: The Journey Behind Our Brand's First Launch

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Curious about why Handreamy wooden handicrafts are unique? Let us tell you the journey behind our handcrafted products and why they are perfect for any home!

Handreamy's signature products

The Inspiration Behind Our Products

Handreamy was inspired and based mainly on our founder’s passions: craftsmanship, the world’s beauty, and empowering local artisans.

The love for handicrafts

Growing up surrounded by wood artisans, handicrafts have always held a special place in the founders’ hearts. For them, handicrafts represent Vietnam's traditional craftsmanship. Handreamy’s mission is to preserve and share woodworking arts with the world by focusing on Vietnamese wooden handicrafts.

Vietnamese handicrafts hold a special place in the hearts of Handreamy's founders

Inspired by the world's natural wonders

Our founders are outdoor enthusiasts who live for adventures. They have traveled to serene lakes, pristine mountains, and other places to satisfy their love for exploring the world’s map. And so they are now trying to express their love for the world. Using wood handicrafts to describe the world's scenery, their goal is to help customers experience nature’s wonder and develop an appreciation for the world.

Handreamy wants to showcase their love for the world's beauty

Respect for Vietnamese artisans

Handreamy wants to help local artisans reach a wider audience. Many talented craftsmen who live in rural areas of Vietnam work in small, family-run workshops. By giving them a platform, Handreamy ensures that their work receives the appreciation it deserves.

Through Handreamy, customers globally can discover the unique beauty of Vietnamese wooden handicrafts. This support for local artisans shows a deep respect for the art and its artisans.

Handreamy ensures that their work receives the recognition and appreciation it deserves

The Journey Of Completing The Product’s Design

Walk through our journey of designing and finalizing our products’ design as well as deciding our product orientation.

Brainstorming our initial ideas

Our design journey begins with brainstorming sessions where ideas flow freely. Using the keywords “wooden handicrafts” and “world’s map,” we came up with various ideas. However, we decided to focus on wooden maps as our specialty. Then, we spent more sessions determining the product categories and lists for our first launch.

The first ideas were inspired by the serene beauty of lakes, a fond memory from our founders' travels. Moreover, we found that golf course maps were also very popular among the golf community, so that was our second choice. This creative phase laid the foundation for our future products.

Brainstorming our initial ideas

Designing products prototypes

Once we had a solid concept, we moved on to creating prototypes. This phase involved experimenting with various designs and materials to find the perfect match. Many adjustments were made during this step. We developed these prototypes based on testing and feedback, ensuring the final product was perfect.

Choosing materials

Selecting the perfect materials is crucial for our project. We wanted high-quality, sustainable materials that look good and stand the test of time.

We used sturdy plywood for our wood lake maps while we decided on exquisite pine wood for golf course maps. These finest wood sources were combined with other high-quality materials (acrylic, epoxy resin, copper, etc.), ensuring our final products' durability and captivating aesthetics.

Designing and choosing materials

Connecting with Vietnamese artisans

We also collaborated with the local artisans in Vietnam. The search wasn’t easy either. To guarantee the products' quality, we had to find 20-year-experienced artisans who had worked in the woodworking industry. We gave them our design for our first sample to make sure they could handle complicated designs.

Approving the final design and samples

After many adjustments, our final designs and samples were approved, and we can finally prepare for our launch. Our collections for the first launch include:

Final designs and samples

Handreamy's Signature Products Can Enrich Your Home 

One of the standout features of Handreamy's wooden handicrafts is their ability to blend seamlessly into any home. Take a look at a few of Handreamy’s signature products for this launch.

Custom wooden lake map

Our first collection includes custom lake wood maps. You can choose famous lakes in the U.S. or any other ones you love and engrave your/ your family's name or a lovely message. 

This product will best suit your home decorations if you want a sense of peace and relaxation. You can also make it a special gift for your loved ones, especially someone who likes the serene beauty of nature.

For more options, explore our wooden lake map collection!

The custom wooden lake maps will be the perfect addition to any space

Custom golf course maps

Handreamy's newest custom golf course map is here to help you cherish your favorite golf course! This product line perfectly recreates any golf course map with premium materials and comes in two frames.

Besides decorating your home, it can make a lovely gift for your friends and family with an easy personalization process. Just follow our simple instructions, and you will have your design in no time!

This product line can recreate any golf course map to perfection

From the initial spark of an idea to the launch of our first collection, every step has been amazing. Our products are proof of Handreamy’s inspiration and dedication. We're excited to share our journey with you and even more thrilled to be a part of your daily life.

Explore our collection and bring a touch of Vietnamese artistry into your home! Experience the Handreamy difference and join us in celebrating the beauty of wooden handicrafts.