A Representation: Handreamy From Our Founders’ Perspective

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Meet our founders, Hoa and Trang, two amazing Vietnamese women who are passionate about handicraft products. They're here to share their story, inspiration, and love for Handreamy.

Handreamy - the story of passion and love

A Little About Our Founders

Trang and Hoa are best friends from Vietnam. They grew up surrounded by traditional craftsmanship, where their love for handicrafts began. They lived in Vietnam until their 20s before moving to Singapore for better opportunities. As designers, life was going well, but the busy lifestyle was so exhausting that daily hobbies weren't enough.

So, they took some days off and returned to their hometown. While exploring the streets of Hanoi, they stumbled upon a wood workshop. Watching the artisans at work and their beautiful creations sparked the idea for Handreamy.

Trang and Hoa - founders of Handreamy

Meaning Behind Handreamy's Products

"We want our products to tell stories. It must have a deeper meaning, or it would be like the others" - Hoa.

Trang and Hoa don’t want their products to be normal decor objects, they need Handreamy’s items to represent their/ their customers’ stories.

Memories keeper

"It is nice to have all the good memories, but it is best to have something that reminds you of it every day." - Trang

With our personalized options, Handreamy's products are reminders of special moments and places! These personalized items reflect your unique experiences in your decor, making them perfect for celebrating significant life events or cherished adventures.

Besides, our products can preserve not only your memories but also those of your loved ones. They will be a memorable gift for any special occasion, a heartfelt reminder of their fondest memories.

A brand of passion 

Trang and Hoa want their products to express their dedication, dreams, and hard work. Each item is more than something for sale; it's the team's commitment.

Each Handreamy product is not just a purchase; it's a work of art that carries Handreamy's values. From the attention to detail and quality, each piece is determined to create something extraordinary. Something both Handreamy and you can value!

Each Handreamy product is a work of art

Bringing a sense of peace and appreciation

In our fast-paced world, finding peace can be challenging. But don't worry! But don't worry! Handreamy products are here to remind you to slow down and appreciate life's little moments through our thoughtful designs.

Our handcrafted items feature peaceful landscapes and nature-inspired designs that create a calm, relaxed space for your home. They serve as gentle reminders to slow down, enjoy the world's beauty, and find joy in the simple things.

"We want to help customers find happiness in the small things and reconnect with the peace that goes unnoticed in our busy lives" - Hoa

Handreamy's products create a soothing space for your home

Handreamy: A Representation

"We think we can create something more than just a normal brand. That's the whole point of Handreamy - a representation of our vision and passion basically" - Trang

Opportunity for local artisans

Handreamy is not only a business for Trang and Hoa; it's a place to empower local artisans. They want to give these talented artisans a platform to show off their skills on a global stage.

By exposing their products globally, Vietnamese artisans can gain recognition and earn a fair income, sustaining their livelihood. Moreover, Handreamy connects you with artisans, creating a deeper appreciation for handmade goods and our artisans.

Handreamy is a place to empower local artisans

Embracing the world's charm

Every Handreamy product shows the founder’s love for nature. Our items, featuring beautiful wooden lake maps and golf course designs, honor the world's natural beauty and bring tranquility to your home.

Handreamy's commitment to quality and design ensures that each product looks beautiful and makes your space feel more connected to the world. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or simply appreciate crafted items, Handreamy’s products provide unique ways to celebrate and enjoy the world's beauty.

Every Handreamy product shows the founder’s love for nature

Cherishing the craftsmanship industry

"Craftsmanship is the heart of Handreamy" - Hoa

Unlike mass-produced items, Handreamy products are crafted carefully, ensuring quality and authenticity. This dedication to craftsmanship and integrity is what truly sets Handreamy apart from other brands. Each product is proof of the founders' commitment to excellence.

It's proud to say that Handreamy is the recognition of handmade goods and the stories behind them. This connection to craftsmanship and the artisans makes Handreamy a standout choice for those who value quality and authenticity in their decor.

Handreamy products are crafted with care


Trang and Hoa's journey to create Handreamy wasn't easy, but their dedication and passion made it possible. With crafted products, we want to create a deeper connection with you guys and bring peace into any home.

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