Behind The Scene: A Quick Look Into Our Production Process

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You have ordered a product from Handreamy and paid for it… But what happens after that? Are you curious about our process from the time you confirm your order? Walk through our production process with us to get an overview of our procedure.

Our products have to undergo a strict and precise process

Wood Map Production Process

As a brand focused on wooden handicrafts, it is our genuine pleasure to share the best of Vietnam with the world. This is our 6-step process to create one-of-a-kind products for you guys:

1. Design examination 

When our artisans first receive the file, they will examine and separate its layers. This helps them understand each product detail and ensures that each part is created with great precision. It also makes it easy to detect and correct errors early in the production process.

The artisans will examine the design carefully and separate its layers to ensure precision

2. Resources preparation 

We begin preparing all the necessary resources to create the perfect product. Everything from materials to equipment and skilled human resources will be ready in this stage. Partnering with top vendors, we ensure to always deliver the highest quality supplies, so you can have complete confidence in our process.

3. Laser cut and engrave 

Once all preparations are complete, our skilled craftsmen will start the laser cutting and engraving process. By carefully verifying the machine's parameters, they ensure your product is crafted to match the design perfectly. This step guarantees extra precision and timely addresses any errors that may occur, making a flawless end product.

The artisans ensure your product is crafted to match the design perfectly

4. Touch-ups 

When the laser-cut map is qualified, the artisans will complete the final touch-ups. This step ensures that the product achieves the finest look before it’s ready for you to enjoy.

We’ll use different techniques and materials depending on the products. For example, we use epoxy resin to create realistic lake surfaces on our wood lake maps. Or moss powder for a grass-like effect on our golf course maps and so on. Each step brings our maps to life in unique and captivating ways, ensuring they are truly special.

Touch-up phase brings our maps to life in unique and captivating ways

5. Completing assemble 

When you order our golf course map products, rest assured that our skilled artisans will carefully craft a sturdy frame to go with them. This ensures both durability and protection for your product. Once assembled, your map will be ready to enhance your space!

6. Sanitizing and packing

Our artisans will sanitize the product before packing it to send back to our team for the final review.

As you can see, our handicrafts process is unlike other mass-produced products. We take pride in perfecting our skills and techniques to bring you the best of handcrafted artistry. 

Explore our wooden maps collection, featuring breathtaking sceneries and places.

Package Processing Time

Our process time from when you order to when the package is ready to ship ranges from 5 to 10 days. It includes these main steps:

  • Design and send confirmation: After receiving your order, we’ll start designing the products based on your request for personalization. If the design is complicated, we will email you for your confirmation before informing the artisans.
  • Send the design to our workshop: When the design passes, a team will send it to the workshop to start manufacturing. Our operation team will constantly check in with the artisans during this phase to ensure the progress goes smoothly and avoid deviations.
  • Final review and shipment: The finished product will then be shipped back to us, where we’ll carefully review and ask for your confirmation. When the product is ready to go, we’ll start packing immediately and send it to the shipping unit for delivery. Of course, our team will track the shipment process.

Standard shipping from the warehouse in Vietnam takes 7 to 15 days. You, our customer, can also track your order to check the delivery progress. Throughout the process, we’ll be in touch if any questions arise. 

Our wooden handicrafts undergo a meticulous and thoughtful production process, reflecting our dedication and deep appreciation for handcrafted artistry. The process involves the effort of our team, the artisans, and you—our valued customers. Please give us your feedback so we can make further improvements. Our customer service team is always happy to help.

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