We live in a modern era, so innovative technology has considerably shaped and changed our daily lives, whether you like it or not. Yes, our children are digital natives and their perception of the world is inevitably changing over time.

While we enjoy the benefits of technical advances, do you recognize that the bond between parents and children is being diminished? We spend time playing with our kids on screen-based activities. It makes me look back on my childhood full of images and unforgettable memories of playing with all kinds of toys with my family since grandfather's handmade toys are doubtlessly my pride and joy. More significantly, today's little moments may become tomorrow's precious memories; sometimes they end up being with us forever.

Now, everything has changed. We live our technological reality in every life context and do enjoy engaging with our babies in not only digital devices, but physical activities as well. How wonderful life is, I want to show it to my children. They also anticipate experiencing their dream world as you used to do. In thorough sympathy with parents and with a view to expressing love to kids in various ways, Handreamy was brought forth in 2018. We do not merely create custom-made toys, but also want to create precious memories of the family playing time. The growing up journey is never-ending, be a companion of your child in a meaningful way.



Handreamy concentrates on producing and selling handcrafted educational toys. All the products are handmade; our objective is to bring quality handmade toys to family and friends. With the understanding of child psychology, we do studies on the creation of various types of toys so that children can enjoy playing time in every split second. What makes us outstanding is that the products are personalized to the needs of the individual. It is not simply a toy, but a meaningful gift, which conveys love and care for each child.

Moreover, Handreamy’s design with a compelling aesthetic can bring out the eye-catching products, which may grab the attention of children at first glance.



We care about the health and safety of every child, therefore, we are choosy about the material of all products. Besides, Handreamy strives to provide the toys with great durability and sturdiness so that you and your child can enjoy every moment of playing time with no worry. As well, every product is customized to suit the specific requirements of each customer, conveying affection, and the meaning of love in it.



Handreamy intends to bring custom-made products to the needs of every customer, your happiness always matters the most. When it comes to Handreamy, we always make sure to provide you with quality personalized products, unique presents for your loved ones as well.

We appreciate your trust in our products and services.