Understanding Plywood: Why Handreamy Uses This Versatile Material

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Our products, including clocks and wood lake maps, are primarily made from plywood. To understand more about this type of wood, we’ll explore its characteristics and explain why we use this versatile material.

Plywood is the primary materials for our wood lake map products

The Physical Characteristics of Plywood

Plywood is a type of engineered wood made from thin layers or "plies" of wood veneer that are glued together. These layers are stacked on each other, creating a strong and stable sheet. Here are some key characteristics of plywood:


The cross-grain pattern of plywood gives it exceptional strength and durability. This structure helps distribute weight and pressure evenly across the sheet, making it less likely to warp, crack, or split. Plywood is known for its ability to withstand heavy loads and resist damage from impact.

Smooth surface

After the plywood panels are formed, they are often sanded to achieve a smoother finish. This step removes any remaining rough spots and ensures that the surface is even and ready for further finishing or application.

The plywood panels are often sanded to achieve a smoother finish


Despite its strength, plywood is relatively lightweight compared to solid wood. This makes it easier to handle, transport, and work with without compromising durability. It is also easier to display and move the product around the house.

Dimensional stability

Unlike solid wood, which can expand and contract significantly with changes in humidity and temperature, plywood maintains its shape and size more consistently. This characteristic is crucial for products that need to retain their form over time.

Plywood maintains its shape and size more consistently

Effectively used in humid environments

Wooden products, in general, often experience blistering, termites, and mold when exposed to humid environments. However, plywood is produced with drying technology, keeping the moisture level low at 8% -12%, reducing the common termite problem.


Plywood's layered structure allows it to be bent and shaped without compromising its integrity. This flexibility makes it an ideal material for creating curved and intricate designs often found in decorative and artistic woodwork.

Plywood's layered structure allows it to be bent and shaped

Why We Use Plywood for Our Products

At Handreamy, we carefully select materials that enhance the beauty of our products and provide practical benefits for both manufacturing and our customers. Here are some reasons why we use plywood in our wooden handicrafts:


Plywood is incredibly versatile, which allows us to create a wide range of products. Its flexibility and strength enable us to experiment with different shapes and forms, creating unique and eye-catching pieces.

Ease of working

Plywood is a fantastic choice for our projects. It's incredibly easy to cut, shape, and join, making the work a breeze. This simplifies our manufacturing process, helping us create top-notch products efficiently and precisely.

Plywood simplifies our manufacturing process

Longevity and durability

We take pride in offering products that truly stand the test of time. Plywood's exceptional strength and durability guarantee that our beautiful handicrafts will stay in perfect condition for many years, even with regular use!

Aesthetic appeal

The smooth surface of plywood enables us to achieve a high-quality finish on our products. No matter what we apply, the result is a stunning, polished piece that elevates any space.

The smooth surface of plywood enables us to achieve a high-quality finish on our products


Plywood is an environmentally friendly material. It uses less wood than solid wood products, and the veneers can be sourced from sustainably managed forests. By choosing plywood, we contribute to reducing our environmental footprint while still delivering beautiful wooden items.

Handreamy’s Products Made from Plywood

Plywood plays a central role in many of our handcrafted products at Handreamy. Have a look at some of our popular items made from this versatile material:

Custom lake wood map 

Our custom wooden lake map is one of our signature products. This detailed map is made from high-quality plywood, allowing us to capture various lakes' intricate contours and features. The strength and stability of plywood ensure that the map is beautiful and durable, making it perfect for displaying in your home or office.

This detailed map is made from high-quality plywood

Wooden lake map clock

With the plywood base, our wooden lake map clock provides a sturdy foundation for the mechanism and detailed lake map design. These clocks are not only practical timepieces but also stunning pieces of art that bring a touch of nature into any room.

These clocks are not only practical timepieces but also stunning pieces

Custom wooden topographic lake map

Unlike the lake wood map, the wooden topographic lake map has multiple layers in its design. The layering technique used in plywood allows us to create depth and dimension, resulting in a stunning piece of visually appealing and meaningful art.

The layering technique used in plywood allows us to create depth and dimension

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Plywood is a remarkable material that offers numerous benefits for both manufacturers and customers. Its strength, stability, and versatility make it ideal for creating high-quality, beautiful, and durable products. At Handreamy, we harness these characteristics to craft unique wooden handicrafts that capture the essence of cherished places and memories.

Explore our collection today and discover the beauty and craftsmanship that sets Handreamy apart!