Cloudy Multilayer Puzzle
Cloudy Multilayer Puzzle
Cloudy Multilayer Puzzle
Cloudy Multilayer Puzzle
Cloudy Multilayer Puzzle
Cloudy Multilayer Puzzle
Cloudy Multilayer Puzzle
Cloudy Multilayer Puzzle
Cloudy Multilayer Puzzle
Cloudy Multilayer Puzzle
Cloudy Multilayer Puzzle
Cloudy Multilayer Puzzle

Cloudy Multilayer Puzzle


Our story

🌛 “Whenever it rains and especially with lightning, my daughter often has a hard time sleeping and even has nightmares. Recommended by a friend, I chose Cloudy Multilayer Puzzle - the Montessori toy of different sizes is a perfect toy for every baby. It's amazing! After playing with Cloudy Multilayer Puzzle for a while, my daughter has felt the clouds and even the lightning to be lovely when looking at images of clouds in the rain with cute and funny emotion. Since then, she has had better sleep and peace of mind when it rains. Thank you, Handreamy, for creating such a fun and engaging toy for children.”

🎁 A lovely response from a mother to Handreamy, we are very happy to have brought joy to the mother and the children. In addition to Cloudy Multilayer Puzzle, Handreamy also has many other very cute and lovely toys for children.
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☁️ The Cloudy Multilayer Puzzle is ideal for children aged 2-3 years and all genders.

🌟 The first special product that combines weather and emotions for babies

🌟 Help children to recognize the emotions of happiness, sadness, anxiety, etc and their corresponding weather.

🌟 Made from natural wood, it is safe for children and environmentally friendly.

🌟 The puzzle pieces are richly designed, depicting the cloud from normal to rainy, it helps children to remember more easily.

🌟 This is the perfect gift for children on holidays, birthdays, etc. 🍀 Let's explore these adorable clouds with HANDREAMY!

Dimension: 4.7 x 4.7 x 0.59 inches

Two choices of Material: Natural solid wood.

Note: Natural solid wood will always be the best choice for kid's toy because of its durability, safety and looks. However high quality plywood will be lighter to play with (the weight difference between Natural solid wood and High quality wood will be not much).

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