Black and white sensory cards
Black and white sensory cards
Black and white sensory cards
Black and white sensory cards
Black and white sensory cards
Black and white sensory cards
Black and white sensory cards

Black and white sensory cards


By 0-3 months, your baby’s vision is not fully developed, but it is developing and black and white colors are easier for your little one to view.

Using high contrast cards for babies, along with black and white picture cards will allow your newborn the opportunity to increase their visual development.

This set of cards include 22 animal and shape high-contrast cards.

Benefits of black and white sensory cards:

  • It helps stimulate the development of your newborn’s optic nerves
  • Teach the eye muscles and brain to coordinate and function properly!

Dimension: 4.7" x 4.7"(12x12cm)

Materials: Thick ivory paper, detachable stainless steel ring


You can start using black and white picture cards and black and white flashcards as soon as your newborn comes home

  • Take black and white picture cards and display them where your newborn can see: nursery ceiling, baby stroller,...
  • You can set up these black and white flashcards on the floor during tummy time
  • Keep the deck of black and white picture cards within reach.
  • Hold the black and white picture cards up and watch your baby's eyes as they follow the picture.
  • You can tape a few of these cards onto the back seat where your baby is facing.

❣️Note: The stainless steel ring is DETACHABLE, so you can take these cards separately and use them in many different ways, like flashcards or nursery hanging cards, or put them standing upon baby's bed

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