Best Thanksgiving craft ideas for kids

on October 23, 2022

There is no doubt that planning is a key component of Thanksgiving. Okay, so the real themes here are thanksgiving, food, family, and football. However, all of those tasks are far simpler to complete in the weeks leading up to the holiday when children aren't nagging you for snacks or pestering you about the start of Thanksgiving dinner. Kids may find it difficult to maintain all that good behavior while they wait to eat, especially young children who aren't accustomed to their parents prioritizing the needs of the turkey over their own. So, making crafts is the best choice for them.

Turkey featured game

The turkeys, coloring, attaching feathers to objects, and even fun math are all included in this adorable game from Think Crafts. Print out a turkey game board from Think Crafts for each child to color anyway they like first. Create six clothespins for each player by tacking feathers on them. The number on the turkey that corresponds to the die roll is marked by a feather clothespin. You can concentrate on estimating the number of minutes the turkey needs to cook per pound and trying to avoid breaking the turkey wishbone as you carve the bird while the kids are having fun practicing their counting skills.



Gratitude leaf garland

Thanksgiving is fantastic because it's the ideal occasion to instill thankfulness in children. With this simple gratitude garland made of fall leaves, engage their creative side. While you prepare the remaining materials, such as twine or ribbon, glue or miniature clothespins for attaching the leaves, and sharpies for writing what they are grateful for, let the kids burn off some energy by racing around the yard collecting leaves. For a beautiful Thanksgiving decoration, have children write something they are grateful for on each leaf before tying the leaves to the rope.


Make turkey-themed stickers

Kids enjoy creating projects, but they also enjoy using their imaginations. Everyone may design the turkey of their dreams using this make-a-turkey sticker kit because there are so many different combinations that are feasible. Put him in hats, shoes, bow ties, and other accessories. You may use the turkeys to create adorable place cards for your Thanksgiving meal or you can compete to design the wackiest turkey!


"Gratitude" tree

Beautiful Thanksgiving crafts like this one make wonderful table centerpieces. You may buy a nice wooden tree that snaps together, then have the kids cut out construction paper leaves and write their gratitude on them. Glue the leaves to the tree to create a vibrant display of gratitude that will help kids understand the true meaning of Thanksgiving. After the Thanksgiving blessings, you can even read them around the meal.


Thanksgiving placemats

Look no further if you're hosting a big Thanksgiving this year and need a fun activity to occupy the youngsters till supper. Twelve placemats are included with this kit; all you need to supply is colored pencils for the kids. The benefits include quiet time for you and personalized table settings for your guests while the kids enjoy fun. There is more to these placemats than just coloring in the shapes. In addition, they have a dot-to-dot segment, a tic-tac-toe game, a place for kids to jot down their top gratitudes, and a number of hidden objects. Before the dinner, have the kids complete these Thanksgiving projects, and after the dishes are done, get the games out.


Turkey cookies

We haven't heard of any kids who don't like decorating cookies that they get to eat afterwards. It is necessary to prepare for this Thanksgiving activity by creating a few dozen cookies in the shape of turkeys. However, you can prepare for that the night before. Set the cookies, some icing to make things stick, candy corn, colored candies, and sprinkles out for the kids to enjoy. Then permit them to go wild! But youngsters' imaginations may run wild here, making each turkey crazy and fantastic. Candy corn makes an adorable turkey tail.